Shawl Clasp – Hair Pin



Shawl Clasp – Hair Pin is a great accent piece for that special garment or hair design.  The pin is a gorgeous piece of Ambrosia Maple.  The ring is Maple Burl.  The Shawl Pin can be used alone as a stick pine or as a set with the Maple Burl Ring for a dramatic effect on that special sweater of scarf.  Use it to accent a wonderful knit, crochet, scarf or wrap.  Also it makes a beautiful hair accessory.  The ring size is 2 1/8 inches outside diameter with 1 1/2 inside diameter. The pin is 4 inches long.

Just a little about these special woods.  Ambrosia Maple gets its colorful marks when the Ambrosia Beetle infests a tree.  In the process these buggers leave behind colorful earth tone streaks of colorful wood that are highly sought after by wood artists.  A burl is that round bump that you may notice on a tree trunk.  It is not a tumor or a disease.  It is a growth that the tree uses to protect itself from insects or storm damage.

Gift Ideas

Shawl Clasp – Hair Pin is also a great gift item for that special friend who appreciates handmade jewelry items.  Do you have a friend who wears a beautiful shawl that is always falling off her shoulder that drives you nuts?   Problem solved for both of you.  A win-win situation.  Need a Birthday Gift, Gift for Knitter or Fashionista Gift?

If you like this item there are other pin and ring choices in my Etsy store.

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I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale NJ USA.  When you purchase from AATurning you will receive an original Alan Adler item.  I do not sell third party items.

Care For Shawl Clasp – Hair Pin

Keep out of direct sunlight when not wearing

Minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels

Use a damp cloth to clean

Wax lightly and buff to bring back the luster



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