Wood ART

Wood Art is the category in Alan Adler’s portfolio where Alan Adler exhibits his most creative work.  Alan Adler wood Art pieces are very different from items in the other categories. Wood Bowls, Wood Platters, Wood Jewelry, Wood Turned Toys, and Cool Stuff are specific products. Wood  Art is the area where can he explore and create unique concepts.  It is the most fun for him and requires a high degree of concentration, research, trial by error and technical skills.  Wood Art is the area where He is the freest to express himself.  He draws on things from nature, like seed pods, leaves and ocean creatures like this sea urchin, Large Sea Urchin.

People often ask, “how do you come up with this stuff.”  It is very difficult to answer, but it is a gift.  The unfortunate consequence is that Alan Adler’s mind is always spinning with ideas and sometimes have trouble focusing on what he should be focusing on at the moment.  Alan Adler’s sketchbooks and his mind are full of more ideas than he has the time to execute.

Alan’s Analysis of Wood Art

Not only does inspiration come from Nature, but it also comes from great artists.  One has to study Art to understand what is possible.  The first week in my graduate studies the Design Professor said there is nothing new in design.  This was shocking at first and then as one studies, there are always prior building blocks on which new concepts can be explored.  Matisse is a great artist who could not help but create.  When he was no longer able to paint he cut paper forms with a scissor.  I use the Art of Woodturning to create many Matisse inspired pieces including Falling Leaves